Dream Display was born out of the challenge that any exhibitor knows well: designing, shipping, and setting up a craft show display. Our founder had been exhibiting in retail trade shows since 2007, and after six years, was exhausted by building, painting, sawing and shipping 800-pound booth walls across the country. The walls were difficult to store, expensive to ship, and required teams and tools to set up and take down. He explored alternatives, but buying foam walls cost $2-$4k and were discarded at the end of each show (what a waste), and rented walls were expensive and required significant investment to make them fit the brand. There had to be a better way.

He spent two years experimenting and designing until he created the dream display he had been looking for: lightweight, compact, durable and reusable walls. Walls that could hold hundreds of products on shelves, ship via USPS, and be carried in a bag. The solution felt like a miracle, and he had to share it with the world. Give us a call or email us right away for a free proof and consultation so we can help create your custom trade show display!

Custom Booth Walls Made Simple

  • Choose number of walls, and their size, to fit your space. Height x Width of each wall in 5, 7.5, or 10 foot increments. For instance, the standard walls for a 10×10 booth space are three walls, with each wall measuring 7.5’H x 7.5’W. (each wall is a foot deep, too, hence we don’t use the 10’)
  • Choose the backer for each wall: Either none, white fabric, or fabric printed with custom design.
  • Choose the header/footer look: Header and footer are fully custom fabricated with your logo, colors, and tag lines. They can have any shape as well (rectangular, classic “shop” valence shape, or other)
  • Floor or Lighting? We can add a custom carpeted floor and even lighting kits to attach below each shelf.

This patent-pending booth solution can be used for a trade show, craft show, stationery show, gift show, pop up shop, farmers market or anywhere you might need a mobile retail display and can include trade show shelving.

The Ultimate Mobile Retail Display

Bid farewell to building, painting, sawing and shipping 800 lb. booth walls across town or across the U.S. No more crates, storage, Styrofoam waste, contract labor or power tools.

  • Strong Cabinet Walls: Our booth walls are substantial and can be fully shelved to hold hundreds of products, yet they are light, compact, strong and set up in about an hour.
  • Custom Skin Matches Your Brand: pretty or gritty, modern or vintage, tons of shelves or flat walls.
  • Lightweight About 60 lbs. per wall
  • Single Person Operation:Easily sets up and comes down with just one person
  • Durable: All elements can be “thrown” while packed without denting/breaking
  • Compact: Can store in a coat closet or transport in a car
  • Requires No Tools and No Skills to use or operate, not even a screwdriver
  • Fireproof: Many top shows require fireproof booths, like NY Now and Natl. Stationery Show
  • Well Lit & Low Power: Lighting kit supplies up to 16,000 lumens of neutral LED light with
  • Cheap to Ship: USPS, UPS, FedEx and can even travel as luggage on an airplane
  • Usable: Each 7.5’ wall can have up to 42’ of shelf space if desired
  • Eco Friendly: Nothing is discarded at the end of the show and booth itself is aluminum and plastic
  • Manufacture is about 3-4 weeks, and everything is proofed electronically to confirm before it is made. Each wall ships for about $100 USPS or less with a shipper account with FedEx/UPS. Message or call so we can help make your Dream Display!